NKF has been working in the fields of Education, Healthcare, WASH, Emergency Response, Environment Protection, Sport and Culture and Community Infrastructure Development. NKF is committed to expand its horizons to integrated community development through active community participation. NKF has a long standing experience of implementing a variety of community based projects with financial assistance from UN agencies, international and national donor organizations. The projects have benefited the underprivileged and marginalized communities mostly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

NKF has been serving a wide range of vulnerable segments of society including children, women, persons with disabilities, poor students in the rural areas and old-aged people. Our specific focus is on extremely vulnerable individuals (EVIs) and those in need of critical support in terms of treatment and continuing education. Our entire program structure is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To achieve the objectives, NKF builds the capacities of government and local communities at large wherever possible so as to ensure sustainable development through effective public private partnership.  Our approach is to bridge the gap between the service providers and the beneficiaries through building effective working relationship. We active involve communities to identify their issues and problems, prioritize them, dig out the causes and suggest local solutions with minimum external resources. We empower communities to identify, plan and implement projects where sustainability, accountability, transparency are the core principles.

NKF coordinates its programs with key stakeholder including relevant government authorities, public representatives, human rights activists, policy makers and civil society organizations. These capacity building initiatives include sensitization, awareness and knowledge sharing through different tools including seminars, conferences, workshops, training programs, research reports publications and IEC material dissemination on issues of importance.

We have been working with our partners to provide quality care and promotion of equity-based health care services. At the end, I will request to all humanitarian Service Provider Organizations to come forward and raise above all the prejudice, race, and ethnicity and join hand with NKF to contribute something positive to the social collective consciences.